Enrolment Fee $250. To be paid when student first enrols, a once-off payments.

 Category A Parent's employer-funded or part employer-  funded. Applies to all children in a  family
 Category B Other Internationals  Applies to all children in a      family
 Category C Children with two Timorese parent's, or if highest  income-  earning parent is Timorese  Applies to all children in a  family

Tuition Fee for Academic Year 2015-2016
 Grade Level Terms Per-Term  Category A  Category B               Category C  Annual
  1 $4,725 $18,900   $18,900
 Primary/Secondary 2 $3,700  $14,800  $14,800
  3 $2,118   $8,470  $8,470

 Grade LeveLSessions/Terms and Hourly Rate   Per-Term Category A Category B Category C Annual
Playgroup Morning
Children aged 2 -4 years.
 Sessions  $14 $14 $14 
 Preschool - First Year Children turning Three  Years by 31st May 1 $1,718 $6,871   $6,871

 2 $990  $3,960  $3,960
  3 $900   $3,960 $3,960

 Preschool - Second Year 1 $2,231 $8,925   $8,925
  2 $1,286  $5,145  $5,145
  3 $1,155   $4,620 $4,620
Afternoon Playgroup
Children turning   Three  Years by 31st May
 1 Hour
 $5 $5 $5 

- Invoices for Primary and Secondary tuition are issued at the beginning of each term. Payment is required prior to the beginning of Term. Playgroup (both 1 and 2) are paid daily or weekly, and are not invoiced beforehand.
- Fees may be paid at Upper Campus office or into the School bank account. If you are paying fees directly to the bank please advise the school by email or written note of the transaction. This notification is essential as the bank statement does not consistently stipulate who made the payment. All bank charges are the responsibility of the payer.

Fees for students from other International schools 

- Students transferring from other international Schools in Dili will pay the Category A fee rate unless management designates otherwise.

Penalty for late fees payment 
Regrettably there are still many families whose fee payments are regularly paid late. For this reason DIS has imposed a penalty for late fees.

A $30 per week penalty will be imposed on fees which remain unpaid after the end of Week Two of each term. The penalty will be backdated to the beginning of term. 

We regret the need to take this action but late fee payments create great difficulties for managing day to day activity as well as longer term planning, and impacts on the education provided to all children. As such families who have made timely payments are unfairly disadvantaged.

Fee Payment / Refund Conditions.
  • New Students enrolling prior to the end of Week Two of a term will pay full fees for the Term.
  • Students enrolling after Week Two will pay a weekly fee for the number of weeks attended.
  • Students who cease enrolment after the commencement of a term - without notice given prior to the commencement of the term - will pay full fees for that term.
Ongoing students who are taking more than four weeks leave during a term and returning to DIS are required to pay 50 per cent for weeks not attended.

For all fee enquiries - please contact:
Method of Payment - Fees may be paid by cheque or cash or directly into the DIS bank account.

ANZ Bank, Dili, East Timor.
Account Name: Dili International School
BSB: 018-950
Account Number: 103426
Swift Code: ANZBTLD